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Reflex Kitten food Chicken 15 Kg



Reflex Kitten food Chicken also has Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are two incredibly important vitamins for your pet’s health. Vitamins play an important role in the development of young teeth and bones, so this is a great food to provide to your cat. Deficiency in these two vitamins can cause dry skin and teeth, and even baldness in older cats.


If you are eager to a have long-term dieting plan for your cute little kitten, reflex has managed to provide you with the quantity you need for a more extended version. Reflex kitten food chicken is available in a 15 kg pack. The pack enough food, with delicious taste and healthy nutrients, for your kitten.

Reflex Kitten food Chicken 15 Kg

The 15 kg offers enough food to enable you to make a perfect diet plan for your one or more than one kittens. The economical pack of reflex kitten food chicken will also help you adjust your budget for the nutrition of your pet.

The pack has all the valuable nutrients to make your pet healthy and active. You will be able to maintain the digestive and nervous system, bodily health, and energy with the perfect diet and the diet plan you make for your pet.

Take care of your pet kitten, show your love, be happy, and see your chubby kitten dangling in front of you.

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