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Nutra Gold Kitten (1 Kg)



Nutra Gold Kitten package of nuts provides just over one gram of protein, approximately half a gram of carbohydrates, approximately half a gram of fatty acids, and only 20 calories per serving. For an overall balanced cat diet, this is one of the best available.


This delicious cat food is a soft cat food that your kitten will surely love licking the entire bowl. It is filled with vital nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats to keep your pet healthy. Properly mixed with fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals for a healthy coat and glowing skin. High recommended by veterinarians for new kittens. Also offers a huge list of benefits, such as reducing the risk of dental problems, increasing your pet’s energy levels, decreasing flea bite risks, increasing your pet’s sense of well being, improving immune system functions, increasing your pet’s bone strength, and many more benefits.

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