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Me-O Cat Food is a well-balanced, high-quality dry food for cats over 1 years of age. It contains Chicken and Vegetable that offer high protein, high fiber, and low fat.


Me-O Cat Food helps in the prevention of Feline Lower Urinary Tract disease (FLUTED), as well as due to the amino acid Ta-urine, it offers good visual acuity. The carbohydrate content of Me-O Cat Food, an average of 9.5% gives a feeling of fullness to some of the higher-carbohydrate dry foods may feel like strings of rubber. Me-O also contains small amounts of water and protein that ensures that the cat gets all the nutrients he needs to maintain his health.

Me-O Cat Food has Vitamin C and E as two major vitamins that improve immune system of your cat. Vitamin C is present in oranges, strawberry, cantaloupe, papaya, cantaloupe juice etc. Vitamin E can be derived from liver, wheat, egg, milk, and liver. As cat ages, sometimes it finds it difficult to absorb Vitamin C and therefore Me-O provides your cat with a sufficient amount of Vitamin C to prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, kidney stones etc. Me-O Chicken and Vegetable are rich in ta-urine, an essential amino acid present in a protein that enhances immunity of your cat.

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